Voting for 2020-2021 Officers

Wondering what the roles are of the Officers and Committee Chairs? In a nutshell:

PRESIDENT: Oversees the Association, calls and runs meetings, maintains non-profit status.

VICE PRESIDENT: Steps in to cover for the president as needed. Ensures that the Committees are getting their work done.

SECRETARY: Takes minutes, arranges venues for events.

TREASURER: Bookkeeping for the association. Files taxes, etc.

Membership Committee: Welcomes new members and sends reminders for renewal.

Fundraising & Promotion Committee: Public relations for the association – social media, website, etc.

Education Committee: This is new! We changed the Student Chapter to the Education Committee – this person will bring MORE CE for vet techs!

Newsletter Committee: Writes and disperses the HVTA newsletter.

NAVTA Committee: Liaison to NAVTA to share information about what HVTA is up to and to bring their news to HVTA.