HVTA Mentorship

Who can become a mentor in HVTA?

Anyone who has experience and a skill to share can offer support in the mentorship program. Your mentor’s advice is their own opinion, and not that of HVTA. All participation is voluntary, your mentor’s advice is not meant to substitute professional advice.

Who can request a mentor?

Any member (Active, Associate, Student) can ask someone to mentor them when they see that person listed as a mentor.

Can I decide who my mentor is?

Yes. You can contact any of the mentors listed below. Please ensure communication is respectful. All participation is voluntary and no money should be exchanged through this program. If you decide to meet up in person, be safe and meet in a public place.

What does a mentoring relationship look like?

  1. Set expectations. As someone looking for a mentor, outline what you’d like help with (interview/negotiation skills, hands-on skills, setting boundaries, and many, many more. The next part of expectations is frequency and duration of meetings: once a week, once a month? Set the topic/goal, set the schedule, then meet.
  2. Format. Will you meet in-person? Video chat? Is this a small group session?
  3. Communication. Mentees should come prepared with what they’d like to learn and discuss, and be prepared to hear both good and bad from their mentors. Mentors need to be prepared to actively listen, provide thoughtful and honest feedback, and ensure confidentiality for the mentee.

Are you ready to become a mentor? Please contact Sam (Craddock) Geiling, RVT at craddock.hvta@gmail.com and we’ll get your profile added to the site.

Would you like to connect with a mentor? Please feel free to reach out to one:

Sam Geiling, RVT
Vet Tech Instructor for 10+ years
Mentoring areas: resume writing, interview skills, microscope and other labwork, radiology, anatomy, study skills
Contact: craddock.hvta@gmail.com